Please select one of the following Packages:

Catering Service

With a buffet meal filled with delights of the islands. Hawaiian Baked Teriyaki Chicken, Pineapple Glazed Filets of Pork, South Pacific Fried Rice, and much more. Call or email us for more menu ideas.


For creating the full island feeling inside a ballroom or outside in a pavilion. We provide grass huts, tiki bars, volcanoes, tiki gods etc--

Hawaiian Basket/Hat Weaver

For either demonstrations, exhibits, tradeshows, conventions etc. All out of coconut and palm leaves

Polynesian Paper Flower Maker

A beautiful costumed Polynesian maiden creates exotic flowers out of colorful paper for your guests. This service is often used in a convention setting along with the basket weaver.

Fresh Flower Lei Making

Learn how to make fresh Hawaiian leis with our lei makers. Great for spousal programs or just demonstrations....

Other Entertainment

Lanakilas can provide everything from a Top 40 band, DJ services, to a Steel Pan trio. Call or email for details.

"Look for Lanakilas at various Amusement Parks across the country"